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We have been so excited to crack on when it comes to new releases, and the submissions folder has never looked more exciting for us! Today, we look into a more apocalyptic sound as welcome the truly unique production styles of Wolvero onto the 3000 Bass channel for a brand new scorcher.
2020 is sure to be the year in which we undergo a serious transition within bass music, with a tonne more tech influences flooding into the more mainstream arena and the sound of 4×4 music constantly evolving. Today however, we are live and direct with some classic 4×4 flavours from Nomey and Cooky.
We welcome in the smooth blends and stylish selections of Iller Instinct. Within the next 30 minutes of listening, be prepared for smooth switch ups and forward thinking blends, sailing us into 2020 in style!
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We are back again for another tasty addition to the ever expanding 3000 Bass release catalogue as we bring you one heck of a collaboration, perfect for bringing that extra spoon of energy to the dance. This time around we welcome a potent link up between We Are Nuts! and John Dee.
Every now and then we like to push the boat out here at 3000 Bass, and as we draw towards the end of 2019, we couldn’t resist getting involved with this latest box of heat from Fox’d. This is definitely a step away from what you would define as a typical 3000 Bass drop.
We welcome in the sounds of KUDOS, a Scottish bass producer with somewhat of a point to prove.