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Following the fantastic support and success we saw with the first edition, we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing you ‘Digitalization 2.0′, the second volume of our newly formed compilation series. Here at The 3000 Network, our primary aim is to showcase the best in new bass music, be that from the established order or from high energy newcomers. If it bangs, we are there to support it!
It’s been a joyous ride to follow the expansion of dubstep across 2019. We have seen the genre’s deeper side really rise to new heights in the UK, with new events popping up all over the country, a new infrastructure of radio shows upon different cities and different stations, as well as a stream of incredible releases from numerous different labels. Some of these we have to mention are FatKidOnFire, Sentry, Foundation Audio, Deep, Dark & Dangerous and more. (If we were to name all of the platforms that have impressed us, we would be here until next week).
It’s been a busy year at, and as we move into our second full year of activity, we shall be making an even more focused effort on showcasing the best that bass music has to offer from around the world. This year has seen us expand the 3000 circle of vision to beyond the realms of UK Bass, and further afield into the realms of dubstep, grime, funky, garage, breaks and beyond.
At, we are always keen to make sure we are looking into as many different areas of underground bass music as possible. Me myself, I have grew up on dubstep and grime, rendering 140BPM my homeland. Therefore, to see just how good 2019 has been for dubstep specifically fills me with joy. We have seen some incredible releases, with today being one of my picks of the bunch as we rush towards the new year quicker than ever before.
A topic we have continuously found ourselves discussing here at is the new world expansion of bass music and the new influences it is being able to pick up as it travels and becomes more popular across the globe. We have been loving this rapid expansion and have been seriously enjoying the music that has been coming from it!
One we had been sent this one, we simply could not resist getting involved, as we throw up an exclusive premiere of the title track ‘Eternal’. For us this is without a doubt the stand out track on the release, as we are engulfed in an array of skippy drum procedures and nostalgic, heartwarming vocal chops. This one is definitely one for the dances, and when joined by the other two originals on the project, plays a major role in making this a EP a solid body of work.