About The 3000 Network

3000 Bass

3000 Bass is one of the foundational platforms behind the boom of bass music worldwide in recent times. From it’s humble beginnings as a simple SoundCloud channel, to one of the most popular editorial platforms within underground electronic music and its rapid rise as a label entity to match, focusing on an output of uk bass & bassline releases.

Since the birth of the platform, 3000 Bass has not only assisted in the growth of bass music across the board, but has also played a big part in moulding and expanding the sound, being one of the original homes of artists such as Skepsis, Holy Goof, distinkt and more.
With the energy level and enthusiasm for the brand at an all time high, it looks like the 3000 wave will continue to bulge and grow, with a healthy box of releases still on the way across the rest of 2023 still to look forward to.

3000 Deep is the sister platform of 3000 Bass and a highly valued area of the now extensive 3000 Network, focussing on the more abstract areas of underground dance music around the world. Originally conceived as an alternative space for producers to explore new avenues, the 3000 Deep
catalogue has gone to explore many genres, from tech house to uk garage, breaks & more.
Often described as a stash house for sonic gems across everything in the electronic dance music realm, the energy of the 3000 Deep discography is a truly marvellous thing. The freedom the platform gives makes it an absolute treasure chest of goodies for any DJ looking to add some alternative flavour to their set menus.
This high level of energy is set to continue across 2023 and beyond as electronic dance music continues to grow around the world!