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Zha launches brand new 100% of sales to artists platform

Posted 13/7/20 in
As always, we are super keen to stay as up to date as possible with as many different areas of underground bass music as possible. Today we are taking a look at a much more 140 themed approach, as a we take a peek at the latest project from White Peach and Fent Plates founder: Zha.
Over the last few years specifically, we have seen a lot of conversation popping up around the topic of distribution cuts and artist paychecks when it comes to music being released. We have seen a massive rise in self-distribution, with artists heading over to platforms such as TuneCore for example, to self-distribute rather than going through record labels to take more control over their own releases and of course at the time take a larger split of profits.
We have also seen Bandcamp’s popularity rise significantly during this lockdown period, with their regularly occurring “Bandcamp Days” removing the sites own share of sales and bringing more money into the much needed pockets of producers and musicians a-like. It would appear however, that Zha is prepared to take that an additional step further, with the launch of his brand new ‘White Peach Digital’ website.

The concept of the site is pretty simple, in that it will feature all of Zha’s associated imprints, the twist of course being that 100% of the sales generated on the site will go directly into the artists hands. Although the site will only be featuring a select number of imprints for the time being, this is a pretty incredible move from Zha, who has a long standing reputation within the 140 scene in-particular for being a very positive force.

I was lucky enough to be approached by Zha to get involved with launching the site, so pulled him aside for a quick Q/A session about the origins of the idea and what we can expect in the future, which I have transcribed for you below:


Firstly, what has been the inspiration behind making this switch around?
The second quarter of 2020 has been challenging for many people globally. In our little sphere we’ve seen entire careers halted and incomes stopped. Like many others, I was in the same boat. The BLM movement then took place and I became mildly outraged by the selfishness of individuals and brands. The nothingness of Artists words in tweets or posts, people posting a black square or even witnessing some brands virtue signal the cause when ultimately they just want you to consume. It brought my attention back to the COVID related issues that were affecting artists and that I was indeed no better. Merely saying I respect the talent base that surrounds me isn’t enough. I want this to be the first step in the right direction for us all to support each other with genuine action.
Will you still be distributing to other stores?
Of course. Limiting the number of platforms or types of media that music is available on is simply self-serving.
Are you going to look at bringing more labels in or do you plan to keep it localized?
Not at the moment, but I’m not ruling it out. I hope it is the catalyst for others to come up with creative ways to enable each other.
In regards to the White Peach schedule, is there much on the way?
Plenty! We’ve been releasing a new record every 4-5 weeks for the last 3 years, so it’s been odd not having much come out for a few months. Our next release, WPR048, is none other than Opus and it’s a monster. Our 50th record is around the corner too, but we might obey the bizarre Dubstep tradition of just bypassing these specific milestone releases.
How do you manage to find time to balance so many label projects?
Militant organisation. I could talk about this topic for a while, but then I’d fear being portrayed as a vapid motivational speaker! ahah

Any other updates we need to know?


We’ve got our summer range of clothing dropping at the end of July, we’ve just opened up our record facilitation service to the public and we have a few more projects that we’re currently planning to further contribute back into the electronic music scene. Fent Plates turns 10 in October, so we’re putting together something special along with a couple of tracks by Sorrow that have been super dubs for around a decade. With my Zha alias, I’m working on two projects on NAAN with one of the releases walking down the path of slower BPM’s.
You can check out the site here:

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Words: KXVU



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