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Zha continues hot streak with stunning new video for ‘Floating’.

Posted 28/10/19 in

Last week was an extremely busy week in the world of release, with a number of high profile mainstream releases making their way to the surface at the same time, along with a very crowded weekend of drops within the UK’s thriving underground bass music scene, with bangers arriving from bass to dubstep. 

The man right in the thick of it was White Peach and Naan’s own: Zha, a producer, DJ and businessman who we feature on the site last week with a more in depth profile peace. The article specifically discussed his incredible work rate and impeccable attention to detail in regards to the music that he and his labels is able to release. Last week we saw White Peach drop a mammoth EP from MOREOFUS, whilst also putting together the pieces for his own ‘Floating’ EP.

Both released have been received with an excellent response and to keep the momentum going, Zha has dropped a brand new music video to accompany the release and we have to say it is absolutely stunning. 

The context of the video is a lot deeper that it would first appear, as the cinematography, lighting and general direction explore the distressing journey of a man suffering with dementia. This is demonstrated by the man believing he is own younger self, believing to be seeing a number of people in unusual costumes whilst returning from Taekwondo session. The video is an impactful yet delicate exploitation into the fragility of the human mind and how hard it can be when the lines blur. 

We have attached the video for you to check out below:

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Words: KXVU

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