Sometimes in underground music, you find yourself in the middle of a moment. There have been numerous times this has happened to UK garage, bass grime, dubstep etc, but we are most certainly in the middle of one of those prized pieces of music history right now as Zero & Window Kid, one of the most popular duos to emerge in recent years, unleash one of the most anticipated EP drops of the year. The original track we are discussing: ‘Boozy’, was one of the most talked about tracks of 2020 without a shadow of a doubt, with a, shall we say “vibrant” music video touching thousands of screens around the country.

To celebrate the success of the original release, they have gone an enlisted what can be described as nothing short of an all-star cast for an official remix package. There aren’t many tracks that could assemble this Avengers-level collection of underground talents, which kicks off with a vocal rework featuring the legendary Majestic, the go-to garage specialist Local and grime heavyweight and now TV sensation Big Zuu for a party-ready vocal rework, which premiered last week on GRMDaily. 

Jumping further into the EP, we have to touch on Higgo’s fantastic edition as he gives the original vocal a stunning garage rethink, using his typically colourful style of chord arrangement and intricate drum skips to add an extra level of energy to an already uber-hype original. Next,  the unmistakably techy talents of Taiki Nulight are unveiled with a dancefloor-ready overhaul, unleashing a wash of sumptuous 4×4 bass energy, before Daseplate & Joedan get to work with a system-slapping dubstep recreation to add even more depth to this top quality combination of flavours.

Finally, Voltage arrives for a spicy rollers rethink, upping the tempo and dousing the arrangement in powerful bass synthesizers and grizzly sub-textures below. This puts the finishing touches on an undeniably exceptional body of work, which we are guaranteed to hear across the rave circuit as soon as the dances return.

You can check out the full remix EP via our friends at JunoDownload below: 

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