The last couple of years have been quite an interesting few in regards to bass music and it’s growth around both the UK and the rest of the world. There has been a small pocket of artists who have continued to push the sound into vibrant new territories, both in the studio sense of production and through explosive live performances at venues and festivals nationwide. One of the names who has done this with a near perfect approach, building a super enthusiastic fan base along the way, is of course Zero, one of the UK scenes most popular creators when it comes to underground bass flavour.

The last two years, including the lockdown period, has made it difficult for most artists to genuinely grow their audience, but there is no doubt Zero has achieved it, through a close relationship with his fanbase, unique giveaways, explosive live performances where they have been available and of course, a run of sumptuous releases that continue to impress. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at his latest link up with the team over at CruCast, who have clearly established themselves as one the real powerhouses for UK bass music over the last couple of years.

The two-tracker kicks off with a rave-ready vocal creation, welcoming the toasted vocals of Slick Don inside for a crunchy display of sizzling bassy goodness on ‘Top Boy’. This one is a good example of Zero‘s sonic experimentation coming good, flashing between high-ended synthesizer rattles and low ended sub pulses, resulting in a seriously weighty original. On the flip, we get to explore the more futuristic side of Zero’s production arsenal as violent robotic crunches and pumping drum smashes deliver an extremely potent B-side entitled ‘Dizzy’, sure to knock a few heads off in the dance with it’s gnarly arrangement. It’s a wicked return from Zero, who looks set to continue the new year the same he’s leaving 2021!

You can check out both of these originals via the JunoDownload link provided below:

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