As always here at The 3000 Network, we are keen to stay as up to date as possible with the latest goings on in and around the now extensive catacombs of bass music’s complete circles. 2021 was a very unusual year for the genre, with so much of the emphasis of the sound previously being focussed so heavily in and around live events, the scene was forced to adapt and showcase a much more release-centric way of showcasing the sounds, which some labels were able to handle with nothing short of a masterful approach.

One label that was able to take to this new way of working like a fish to water was of course CruCast, one of the UK’s true jewels when it comes to advancing and pushing the bass sound forward, both in a live aspect and via their extensive catalogue. With this in mind, they have made a fantastic effort to push the sound forward over the last 18 months, with their recent run of releases constantly growing in quantity and quality, whilst also manouvering around the super-established and new school names.

Their most recent journey sees them invite the ever-ready Zeppho inside, who delivers a blistering pack of bass-fueled goodness for us all to enjoy, kicking off proceedings with the breaks infused euphoria of ‘Game 2 You’, which utilizes the vocal presence of Nat Mueller to deliver a serious slice of dancefloor ready dynamite. From here, we then jump into the more typical bassline-infused arrangements of ‘Now Or Never’, a speaker busting switch up of sweeping synthesizer swipes and nose-crunching 4×4 drum rhythms. The energy levels only increase from here as ‘Right Kinda Wrong’ then arrives with an even more visiousdis display of synthesizer overloads, before finishing up the project on ‘Turn Me Up’, which delivers the perfect punch of distant bassy goodness alongside CON-X-SHON to round off the project with a slap.

This one comes as the first CruCast EP of the year and shows a message a serious intent for the rest of 2022!

You can take a peak at the full release via the preview link below, kindly supplied by our good friends over at JunoDownload for your enjoyment.

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