The last 18 months or so in the UK has been an undeniably difficult time for underground music, from the venues to the artists, getting through this horrible period will go down as a real achievement in the years to come. However, when we step back and take a look in from the outside, the incredible growth of the garage scene is one of the more positive scenarios, with numerous new artists and label platforms taking the time away from the dances to establish themselves through audio-only formats. One of the labels that we have to include in this batch is of course Wang Records, the label arm of the super-consistent Beastwang events brand, who we know have been hit hard by the lack of nightlife availability.

Based in Leicester but with their events taking place in all the surrounding areas, the team behind Beastwang have spent the last year and a bit pouring all of their creative energy into the label side of things, with numerous different release runs and projects making the headlines across the realms of UKG. They have ended up with a vibrant roster of new school artists, with today’s release highlight actually coming from someone quite closely involved in the label, the one and only Yumna Black. 

We all know that UKG is party music, which this brand new single entitled ‘D.E.M’ represents down to a T. Within the track itself, Yumna lays the foundations with a skippy, system-ready arrangement of lively drum rhythms and groovy chord progressions, over which the rave-inclined lyrical abilities of Kurly are deployed. This combination of skippy instrumental and toast-like vocal makes for a killer link up, perfect for turning up the dances once they return.

The release also comes complete with Yumna’s standalone instrumental version, which you can check out via our friends over at JunoDownload on the link below: 

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