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You best believe Four40 Records give us a taste of summer with their new drop from Wes Thomas

Posted 27/2/19 in

Once again, we have the pleasure of hosting a premiere from one of our favourite UK Bass labels, Four40 and this time they present some classic summery UKG vibes courtesy of Wes Thomas.

‘Believe’ starts off like a warm summer’s day, gently introducing you to each new element as the track plays on. 2 step drums lead to soft tropical house keys and a grooving bass line. The entire track is breezy, nothing is rushed. After the drop, the beat flexes briefly before the silky vocals slide on in to join the party. This is definitely a summer-terrace-party-roller (a term that I’m coining), cemented as such by the crisp percussion of the track.

Taking on a mournful tone, TuffCulture’s remix gives the track on a dance floor orientated makeover. The kick becomes more pronounced, and the bass pushed forwards into the mix. The soothing vocal of the original mix is chopped, and interplayed between a myriad of interesting sample stabs. I suspect it will be found on many a DJs’ USB this summer.

Wes Thomas – ‘Believe’ is now now.

Words: Pundit

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