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YosH Pit continue impressive release run new compilation

Posted 11/2/19 in

It’s been a great start to their reign for FooR’s brand new YosH imprint, who have hit the ground running with a selection of very refreshing releases  from a range of diverse artists, encompassing a wide range of bass music styles and designs.

So far, their roster includes the likes of Movement, KXVU, Lijah, J69, Bakes and many many more, all being brought to the table by new label A&R: Tengu, who has risen the challenge with a real sense of intent.

This latest offering goes by the name of ‘Enter The Yosh Pit’ and sees him bring forth a collection of newschool producers, primarily hailing from Brighton based circles, one of the most exciting cities in new bass music at this moment in time. With Tengu being based in Worthing which is situated just down the road, it’s no wonder he has found himself dipping into the talent pools available to him.

We begin our journey through this immense four track with a look at Elivo, a producer who’s rise in recent times has most definitely not gone unnoticed. His track ‘Focus’ is a grinding 4×4 sheller, driven by a lethal lead line and punchy drums to back it. Jake Compton follows in splendid fashion as he unleashes the other worldly laser rays of ‘Sirens’, sending the alarm to all ravers that the dance is alive.

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Up next, we roll into the choppy drum sweeps and exciting percussive expansions of ‘Check It’, which combines vibrant rhythms with gnarly metallic bass tones to create something really cool. Finally our explorations on this one lead us into London as Baitz is the first to step up to the plate with his brand new scorcher by the name of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’. This one does exactly what it says on the tin as an array of synth madness rounds off the project in style.

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Check out the full release here:

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