It’s always exciting taking a little trip over the to the Time Is Now camp to explore what they have going on, with their output in 2022 so far being nothing short of exceptional to say the least. Being a sub-label to Shall Not Fade and the ‘White’ series being a very expansive mini-catalogue already, you simply have to take your hat off to the team who have continued to unleash killer release after killer release, with the total amount of drops for this year so far now sitting at a grand total of 8 already. This has in no way diminished the quality of each drop however, with the likes of Kobe JT, Tower Block Dreams, Prozak, Justin Jay, Hypho, Bluetoof, Groovy D and more all unleashing killer collections so far.

This time around however, we are going to be taking a look at Yemi’s latest apperance, exploring some futuristic takes on the garage sound and in typical Yemi style, exploring a bag of top quality vocal inputs alongside. Yemi’s individual sound has been such a fun journey to watch develop, with the vocal influence being such a big part of it especially. This latest offering sees him lay out six stunning new originals, all of which hold a serious level of individual merit, but come together swimingly to make up a top quality collection.

We open up with two blazing vocal collaborations, welcoming the wonderful sounds of Bria to the table with some well thought out performances across two colourful originals, within both of which we are able to hear her smooth tones caress very well arranged beds of intricate UKG-inspired textures from Yemi, with the more percussive-lead sounds and chiming leads of ‘Never Let You Go’ coming first, before the more augmented switchups of ‘Smooth Talking’ are let loose to play, including an instrumental cut of ‘Smooth Talking’ for good measure.

From here, the slightly more digitalized swings of ‘My Heart’ are unleashed, with blippy, slower rhythms taking the lead roll in a dramatic, emotive soundscape. This is then chased up by ‘Soul Food’, a choppy, vibrant showcasing of modernized garage flavour, focussing on potent bass pulses and catchy vocal samples, before the uplifting melodic inputs and constantly switching backdrops of ‘Tension’ give in the EP the perfect closer.

You can check out all of the tracks via our good friends at JunoDownload below:

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