The entirety of the garage scene seems to be absolutely buzzing with the prospect of summer, and with a large majority of this new garage movement taking place over the course of what has now been an extended lockdown, who can blame anyone? To eventually hear so many of these tracks that we have only heard through home speakers, finally played in the dances where they belong, is going to be absolutely blissful. We have of course also seen a massive rise in the number of label projects releasing top quality garage music over the past year or so, so the future does look extremely bright for UKG music in particular.

One label that has been able to thrive during the lockdown environment is of course DJ EZ’s Nuvolve imprint, which through a combination of exciting live stream shows and a super consistent release schedule has become one of the scenes leading projects for pushing new and exciting garage artists. Now a top sign for a record label is when even the releases that have slid under the radar a little are still bangers, which is exactly what this latest drop from WZA happens to be.

The track itself takes the title ‘The Secret’ and works as fantastic fusion of old and new school production techniques, of course working bright choppy vocals into an array of scattered drum designs and moogy bass plucks. It’s a bit of a heads down roller, but we definitely feel this one hasn’t had the appreciation that it actually deserves. It’s unique, yet nostalgic, which is always a bit of a boost when it comes to emulating that original garage sound.

You can check out the full release, alongside both the radio edit and extended mix via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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