In regards to the overall health of garage music, in our honest opinion the underground side of the scene has never looked stronger. There are now so many different imprints operating with such intensity when it comes to release schedules, alongside a worldwide roster of talented artists, all pushing the sound forward with vibrant creations every week. This week we’ve decided to showcase a few different singles that have landed across different individual imprints, just to make sure we are keeping you all up to date with the latest UKG flavour!

We open up with a look at this very enjoyable creation from BWK Project, a producer who has heavily populated a number of different garage imprints since 2022, always bringing bubbly flavours and old school garage rhythms for a genuinely enjoyable sonic experience. This latest one goes by the name ‘Bellingham Groove’ and pushes forward with a haunted style vocal and skippy rhythmic textures for one of the more unique creations we have heard from BWK in recent times, courtesy of Bad & Bassy

Next up, we return to one of our favourite imprints in Strictly Flava, one of the most consistent vendors for exciting new UKG currently active in the UK, a theme that they continue to persue with this wicked new drop from WZA, who last year featured heavily on the 3000 Network. This new single entitled ‘U Got It’ jumps straight into the heart of club-land with vibrant organ-lead melodies, euphoric vocal breaks and dazzling percussive inputs, giving us another serious weapon.

Finally, we head over to GS Dubs, the fabulous sister imprint to Garage Shared, another one of the real pillars of garage music in 2022. They are joined by DJ Jackum, one of the newer names currently exploring the garage sound, but boy does he hit home with this one. The glacial feel of the synthesizers within ‘Everybody’ give us a serious rave rumbler from the jump, again utilizing euphoria-infused vocal samples and eerie string lines for a wonderful creation indeed.

All three of these new ones pack a weighty punch, which you can preview for yourselves via the good folk over at JunoDownload

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