Four40 are one of the most consistent labels out there, we just want to start by saying that and that having followed them over the best part of the last three years very closely. there have been very few projects and imprints that have been able to unleash such a high level of consistent bangers. The thing that has been so enjoyable to explore is the fact they have been able to move around such a wide range of genres and styles, from garage and breaks to grime and dubstep then all the way back around to UK funky and bass.

This high yield of releases and artists joining the roster and catalogue has of course meant that they have been able to help introduce and embed a tonne of new faces into the scene, giving us an even more healthy collection to explore, including the sounds of the one and only WZA. Since making his production debut, WZA has been one of the standouts across the garage scene, pushing releases out alongside the likes of Nuvolve, Garage Shared and of course Four40. Today we will be taking a look at his return to the label as he unveils a brand new heater by the name of ‘Everyday’. With festival season now in full swing, this is looking like a very clutch last minute addition of dancefloor weaponry.

What a way to make a return this is for WZA as we are greeted with a stunning creation, fusing a tasty combination of nostalgic vocal processing and chops, with big reesey bassline action and hard hitting 4×4 drum arrangements. There’s so much to enjoy about this one as it does take in so many different era’s of garage music in one tidy sweep, from the euphoria of the early 00’s to the slickness of the now, giving DJ’s nationwide another predicament of somehow finding a way to fit this one in!

You can check out the track below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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