As the continued shifting of electronic music in the UK continues to veer indescribably to both the left and right, one thing we have loved doing is always finding new and exciting artist projects to explore for both their sonic design and future potential. It’s no secret that we have many ears to the ground across the team at The 3000 Network, which is why we’re so excited to jump into an exclusive look at one of the most exciting new names to emerge out of 2020. There is something very exciting about somebody relaunching their musical endeavors under a new title, especially when we haven’t the foggiest what other aliases this producer serves under.

Taking the name of HausGeist, this brand new project from an artist whose name shall remain a mystery, for now, is exactly what the doctor ordered, exploring the more experimental and vibrant tech and funky hybrids of the future. If we are honest, we actually know very little about the future of the alias or even where the influences come from, with such a wide selection of percussive designs available to take in on his first single ‘Lavendar Was Next’.

This brand new single dropped two days ago via our friends over at Southpoint on their Introducing platform, one of the best places for discovering new projects and artists from across a wide spectrum of underground genres. It’s safe to say that they may well have stumbled across a gold mine with this one, however, with the popularity for HausGeist’s percussion-heavy arrangements and subtle bass textures below appearing almost instantly. We wanted to find out more about these futuristic sounds and the angles they are spawned from, so we got in contact with Haus Geist for somewhat of an anonymous introduction, exploring the history of his sound, what his future plans are and where we can expect to hear him take it in 2021 and beyond.

You can check out the full Q/A session below:

So having produced music under other aliases previously, what inspired the transition into this new sound?

After making music under my previous alias for over 10 years it was time to leave that chapter behind! I had a lot of fun with that alias but ultimately I felt I took It as far as I could. I think ultimately some of the music I created over this time frame was made for a particular moment and time and those have now passed. It’s time to move on and I couldn’t be more excited! I have a clear vision of what I want to be doing and the name change has given me a new lease of life!

If you could describe the sound itself in the simplest terms, what would it be?

A blend of UK Soundsystem culture-inspired sounds and Afro and percussive House music!

This debut release on Southpoint: Introducing, how long has it been in the works?

It’s something we had talked about for a while now, that the label would be a really good home for my debut release as HausGeist. The timing was perfect and I love the roster of artists on the label already and what they have in store. I think my sound fits in with the label’s multigenre approach to releasing but also stands out as something new and hopefully really interesting. I hope fans of the label will embrace the sounds and that those who listened to my older music will also come on board with this new project and enjoy what I think is my best work to date!

What can expect next from you?

I’m really busy writing more music on this tip and also have some more melodic afro house music coming out later this year. I’m keeping a clear focus with this alias and feel like I’m ready to fully express myself musically. I can’t wait to get back out on the road when the time is right and to play these sounds out live to people so will be getting my head down and perfecting my DJ selections and hopefully, keep writing forward-thinking and club-ready dance music!

You can check out the brand new release on Southpoint: Introducing below: 

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