You got enough acronyms in that title mate?

Every now and then when exploring the UKG scene we start to notice new figures making impressive movements and driving the scene forward in their own unique way. From our little perch we try to survey as much as possible and with garage being as explosive a genre as it has now become, we wanted to launch a new series of Q&A’s looking into some of the most exciting names currently doing big things within the garage scene, whether they be older, more established veterans or bustling newcomers with a point to prove within their vibrant creations.

Today we are going to be having a quick chat with the one and only WZA, who if you haven’t heard of by this point,  we don’t know which sandpit you have been managing to bury your ears in. Over the last few months especially, WZA has been seriously impressing through a super consistent run of exciting new release projects, racking up 14 unique release drops since July, featuring on some of the garage scene’s most established label platforms including Strictly Flava, NuVolve, Four40, GS Dubs, Upcycle & more.

This run has been so impressive to watch that it’s almost difficult to keep up with both the consistency and quality he has been able to show through recent catalogue growth, especially when you consider that if you were to stretch that number of releases out over a year, you would be releasing more than a single a month.

We thought the best way to dive into just how he has managed to remain so consistent and find out a bit more about the guy behind the buttons, we sat down for a quick Q&A session, exclusively for threethousand.co.uk.


So what was the first UKG track you remember hearing and thinking “that’s a bit of me”?

Antonio ‘Hyperfunk’. There are a lot of classic Garage records that stand the test of time, but I hear this being played by House DJ’s, Garage DJ’s, Old Skool DJ’s, Club DJ’s…. it’s a proper timeless Garage banger.

How far ahead do you tend to work with releases?

My situation is slightly different – I began writing in lockdown as a creative dump and ended up writing over 100 records. It was just a way to clear my head, manage my Mental Health, which then evolved into writing an album for my missus and a gazillion Garage dubs.

So to answer your question, I have about 10 years of releases ha!

How has it been working with Strictly Flava on this most recent drop?

Excellent – delighted to be on the label, and looking forward to carrying on working together.

How are you able to keep such a high consistency level?

Thank you – that’s very kind of you.

I guess the answer is by keeping myself busy in all other aspects of life, it means my creativity (and discipline around taking the time to write on a weekly basis) enables me to express myself in a way I otherwise can’t. If that makes sense?

When the quality and consistency disappears,  that’ll mark the end for WZA. Let’s hope that’s no time soon.

Pick one classic garage tune to get the stems for?

Mood II Swing – Closer (Swing II Mood Dub)

What’s next in the pipeline for WZA?

Coming up on Strictly Flava, I have WZA vs DEA ‘You Are The Music’ on 5th November – hopefully, that’ll bring the fireworks to the party. I have the AmyElle ‘Feel The Heat (WZA Dub)’ out exclusively on vinyl on Another Rhythm, and a shed load of unreleased bits to place, including returning on Strictly Flava & Strictly Deep. Watch this space.

You can check out WZA’s most recent drop of many on Strictly Flava via embedded link below: