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Who is Tony Wonka? We grab a chat and guest mix with Bingo Bass’s newest addition

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As Bassline’s worldwide genre notoriety grows, we are seeing more and more renowned producers try their hand at the UK driven phenomenon. As well as this we are seeing a bag of Bassline front runners also start to dip into Drum and Bass stylings during their festival and live sets. This as a concept has opened up the doors to a whole new way of thinking, with artists from both side of the spectrum adding their respective flavours to the hotbed that UK Bass music has become.

Perhaps the finest example of somebody crossing from Drum & Bass to UK Bass is DJ Zinc, who through an extended journey through jungle down to crack house, became one of the driving forces behind the new school Bassline movement. Discussing Zinc briefly leads us perfectly onto why we are here today, as his own imprint: Bingo Bass puts forward a new crusader into the blend.

Tony Wonka, most known for his leading actions within D&B trio Teddy Killerz, recently joined up with the infamous imprint for a stonking release, one which is gaining a lot of traction among the high rollers of the scene. We were lucky enough to grab an interview and guest mix with Tony prior to his release appearing on the shelves. You can read all about his transition from D&B to Bassline and what the future holds below:


So first of all, how does it feel to be releasing with such a prestigious bass label?

I am feeling amazing & proud about being part of Bingo! Following label’s music since the first release.

Is UK Bassline music something you’ve always followed?

I’ve always been fan of Bass Music not only UK Bassline. But UK Bassline was always one of my favourite genres among others. It’s super cool that these days it’s back again & scene is growing & healthy! There are so many exciting producers & music around.

Being from a Drum & Bass background, how do you feel the production process differs when approaching UK Bass?

Making tunes, never mind which style it is, always give me same excitement & pleasure. It’s more about creative process & feelings which you get during studio sessions & when you finish new tune. Speaking of house music, I think it’s a bit easier technically than drum & bass or dubstep. I spend less time on technical side of things & can focus more on ideas.

How do you feel this is release differs from your Dirtybird drop earlier this year?

I think ‘Get High’ is crazier. It has this funny South Park sample & the whole mood of the tune is crazy. The forthcoming EP is gonna be heavy weird dance music. It will be first EP so I tried to make it sound like «showcase» of what sound excites me.

Do you feel you have defined your personal sound with this release?

When I was starting my friends were telling me that my early house demos were sounding ‘too much like Teddy Killerz’ sound so with Tony Wonka I am experimenting with new sounds & new techniques which is a real pleasure.

Are you intending to push this new solo alias all the way?

Teddy Killerz are 3 guys so I have enough time to keep pushing both projects. We had a busy studio summer with Teddy Killerz & have quiet busy schedule of music till the end of the year. So now I took a little break of making D&B & focusing more on Tony Wonka’s stuff.

What else do we have on the horizon from yourself?

Well, as I mentioned before, ‘Get High’ is the first single from my forthcoming EP on Bingo. What’s gonna happen after? New music I guess!

As we said before, Tony has also treated us to a heavyweight guest mix, which you guys can stream now via 3000 Bass below:

Track listing:

1.  Tony Wonka – Get High
2.  AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo – Giant Mouse
3.  Tony Wonka – ID
4.  Skue-K – Loco
5.  FooR, BARLI – Rum Woman
6.  Tony Wonka – ID
7.  Left_Right & Steve Darko – Down
8.  Phlegmatic Dogs – Cuatrocats
9.  Wax Motif & Hunter Siegel – Wassup
10.  Tony Wonka – Reid Speed
11.  KURA – Lambo (Taiki Nulight Extended Remix)
12.  AC Slater, Redlight – Ultra Hype
13.  Hot Goods – Too Much
14.  Tony Wonka – ID
15.  Tengu – Preach
16.  Dommix – Get Down
17.  DJ Zinc – Pull Up
18.  Tony Wonka – ID
19.  Taiki Nulight & Hadean – No Attention
20.  Phlegmatic Dogs – Bounce
21.  Tony Wonka – ID
22.  Dommix – Pull The Trigga
23.  Chris Lake, Walker & Royce – Dance with Me
24.  Taches – Turn Of Phrase
25.  AC Slater, Wax Motif – Legit
26.  NYTA – 95
27.  Dillon Nathaniel – Can’t See Me
28.  Rico Tubbs – Total Recall
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