After the success and popularity of our opening article, we are very excited to be carrying on our brand new Q/A series, as we take to the online streets of the UKG scene to explore conversations with some of the most popular garage heads in 2021, whether they be established veterans or vibrant newcomers.
Having opened up with a wicked conversation with WZA, we wanted to keep the theme of newer names running a little bit longer, which is why today we are taking it super international, looking at an artist from the other side of the world who has fully embraced the UKG sound with a thunderous landing.
We are of course talking about Angus Green, one of the most popular new emerging faces in the world of UKG, taking a delicate approach within his production to build some seriously nostalgic masterpieces, showcasing a serious level of harmonious skill and rhythmic understanding in every drop he unleashes.
His most recent forthcoming release alongside Slime Recordings has picked up a serious amount of steam, following on from a wicked drop with Strictly Flava earlier in the year, shaping up his year nicely as he continues to grow and establish a UK fan-base alongside one in Australia. 

We sat him down for a quick Q&A session about everything he is involved in, which we will jump into now: 
What was the first garage tune you heard and where was it?
This stumped me a bit. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think it was probably a Todd Edwards tune. I can’t remember exactly though to be honest.
How have you found the last couple of years with garage having such an international impact?
It’s been great, I started really delving into garage right as the resurgence began and I’ve been riding that wave since.

Being based outside the UK, how does the UKG sound go down abroad for you?


It’s still very small here in Aus, however it’s definitely gaining more popularity right now and I hear more and more of it at parties. You can even hear it’s influence slipping into a bit of pop here and there.

How has it been working with Slime on this latest drop?

It’s always great working with Andy and I appreciate having the support of such an established and respected label.
If you could grab the stems for any previous Slime release what would they be?
I reckon either Champagne by Witchdoctor or Flinch by Kells

What’s the future lining up like release wise?

I have a bunch of finished tunes I’m still deciding what to do with so stay tuned!
Can we expect to see Angus green in the UK?

Absolutely. As soon as I’m allowed to travel I’ll be there!

You can check out that wicked new release with Slime Recordings here, landing on November 12th:

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