Since UK Bass music’s original explosion across the country back in 2015, we have been constantly on the look out for the latest platforms to emerge and areas of the scene in which new talent is able to breed. Since the very start of this current wave of bass music, there has not been a platform as widely accessible and as in the centre of the scene than the legendary Lengoland forum. The last few years we have seen the community host clash tournaments, international events, incredible live streams, and of course, form their own record label platform to showcase the best new Bassline artists around.

After a short break from releasing music however, they are finally back at it again, this time turning to one of their strongest roster additions to deliver a killer new single. It’s safe to say that Lengoland has played a key role in Wheeto’s growth as an artist, with some of his most talked about releases sitting as part of their impressive catalogue. That’s why when we saw they were in the process of linking up again, we had to take a listen and see exactly what was cooking up in the Lengoland kitchen with ‘Lazerbeams‘..

In regards to the track itself, this one allows Wheeto to really expand his arsenal of sounds, with the introduction being a lot more similar to a bass house roller than a typical Bassline warbler, focussing in on moody sub-bass patterns and inhaling drum smashes. When we hit the breakdown however, the party really starts as a collection of vibrant, synthetic laser stabs join forces with potent bass notation below and a truly unpredictable arrangement style to take this one to whole different dimension. There’s traces of Neurofunk, Bassline, even Techno with some of the synthesizer action we hear, all fermenting into a cocktail of bass-driven goodness!

You can check out the full track below:

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