Despite the madness of our world in 2021, it seems that the majority of the different musical scenes and genres seem to be somewhat thriving, with different platforms using all of their creative ability to remain relevent during this latest lockdown. It’s safe to say that our friends over at Lengoland have had a great start to 2021, both through continued support through their infamous forum page, but also through a couple of tip top releases and live streams which have kept them at the top of the UK bass watch list.

Moving into their latest release next, we see them welcome back the sounds of Wheeto, one of the artists who has most definitely benefited from being a part of the Lengoland movement. His catalogue has grown across numerous different platforms since his breakout, including a number of releases on CruCast, one of the scenes most popular brands.

As always with Wheeto, he has delivered a stick of serious dancefloor dynamite. A theory we have about the reopening of the dances is that despite peoples constantly expanding musical tastes, as soon as the speakers are back on full blast and the dances are assembled, the racous nature of bass music is likely to take a leading role once again.

This track falls firmly into that bracket, with a techy, more moog-influenced introduction combining bouncy drum textrues and potent sub-lines, leading to a fantastic fusion of LFO-driven synthesizer actions and choppy bass movements, ready to turn any dancefloor into an absolute ruckus. As a follow on single from ‘Lazerbeam’, this is the perfect second episode and we can’t wait to hear it live from a system!

You can check out the full track below, courtesy of the Lengoland SoundCloud page:

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