There is very little doubt in our mind that the universal sound of dubstep was able to finish off 2021 in one of it’s stongest positions as a sound, especially in recent years. The pure multitude of different labels and projects that we have seen push themselves to the front of the pile in the last 18 months has been outstanding for the genre, with so many new artists being gifted the chance to break through and the general output of dubstep music never being higher. Today however, we are going to be taking a look at a label that have been at the heart of the genre for over a decade now, headed up by one of it’s real airwave innovators.

We are of course discussing Wheel & Deal, the incredibly consistent label project headed up by N-Type, who over the years has done more than 99% of people to promote new dubstep artists and releases, both through the label and his numerous radio shows in that time. This latest offering from the Wheel & Deal imprint falls very much into that theme of showcasing the new school, as they unveil four sizzling new creations from one of the scene’s brightest newer faces, namethee Breakfake, a Leeds-based producer with a serious point to prove.

The EP itself is stacked to the brim with colourful original creations, kicking off with the sumtpuous sounds of the title track ‘Resolution’. We find ourselves swamped in swampy bass goodness, with vibrant LFO sweeps and eerie atmospheric designs allowing the track to really kick start the project with some explosive synth work. From here, ‘Nowhere’ arrives with scattered drum textures and warbling bass textures below for a much more harmonious journey through original steppers energy. Next, the jittering percussive slides and old school LFO imprints of ‘Titan’ send us back into a much more aquatic sounding arrangement, with the dubwise inspired delays and high ended feedback loops of ‘Wicked & Wild’ giving us a powerful outro track.

The Wheel & Deal team have outdone themselves once again for this killer intro to 2022, which you can check out via our friends over at JunoDownload using the link below:

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