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What is more important, rhythm or sound design?

Posted 24/4/19 in

We are truly blessed to live in an era in which bass music is allowed to roam so freely. Throughout the years we have heard genres evolve and styles develop around the world, culminating in the fantastic population of underground dance music genres that fill both our playlists and airwaves today.  Here we are going to up the first of a series of debate topics, looking at different themes and questions within our modern bass music realm.

However, this fantastic range of genres doesn’t come without it’s faults, as bass music in particular begins to split between two primary factors. It seems, to us anyway, that there are two primary factors that hold dominion over underground bass music. The first of these is sound design. Over the last few years we have seen a serious surge in the importance of sound design with bassline especially, with the genre drawing influence from both neuro drum and bass originals and techno style drum work to come up with some of the craziest sounds imaginable.

The other one of these primary factors, which has been a primary factor of dance music since it’s first inception. is rhythm. Now, however daft it may sound, there is definitely evidence to suggest that rhythm has taken a back seat within a lot of dance music, with house, techno, bassline and other genres. There is a clear link to the lack of any rhythmic adventure across a lot of genres to the re-emergence of UKG and funky, genres stooped in rhythmic energy and unpredictable drum movement. Now, simple rhythms are fine, there is nothing wrong with it in the slightest, let’s get that cleared up from the start!

We would love to know what you think about which of these elements is now more important in modern bass music particularly and though it may seem an obvious one, we can guarantee that this one will kick off a few interesting conversations!

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