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Welcome to 3000 Blog: At the forefront of UK Bass music

Posted 12/7/18 in

Welcome to the brand new home of everything 3000 and more!

For anyone just finding us, as a brand, 3000 has been the hub of bass music over the last 5 years, providing a popular platform for bass producers however humungous or tiny. First of all we would like to say to anyone who already knows us, thank you for all the continued support.

From the start we have always tried to scope, release and launch some of the freshest UK Bass sounds to date. We’ve hosted names like Skepsis, Distinkt, Bushbaby and many more all during the very early stages of their career and in 2018 we hit a milestone, we were lucky enough to bring through rapidly rising stars, Shapes, to tear up our 100th guest mix. On top of all this and to make things even sweeter, everything you hear on 3000 Bass is all completely free via our Soundcloud, yes, you heard correctly, FREE.

The website we have put together is a project designed to bring the UK’s Bass music culture together, creating a centralised map of everything from events to EP’s to high profile interviews and news as well as emerging talent to keep an eye on, all collected and distributed by our keen team of writers and contributors.

For our first feature and homepage interview, it wouldn’t seem right to not invite the bass godfather and co founder himself Marcus Nasty.

Utilising his show on Rinse FM, Marcus has helped to push and scout new bass talent over the years. Which makes him a really integral part of the 3000 journey. Nasty’s roots in case you didn’t know, run deep with Grime and UK Funky. In the last year, it’s clear to see Marcus has begun to help push Funky again and pioneer hopefully a healthy bridge between that, Bass House, UK Garage and Bassline.



After heading down to one of his rinse shows, we asked Marcus a mixed bag of music and lifestyle questions to help understand the man, the legend a little better:

3000: Despite your current love for the UK Bass scene, long time fans know you as the UK Funky legend. What was your first experience with UK Funky? What is the first tune that really got your attention?

Marcus: I heard a few Djs play an Apple or Invasion records tune in the middle of soulful/tribal house sets and realised that uk producers were trying to make there own variations of the sound so went hunting

3000: Everyone knows that people at shows can sometimes be a little… intense. What’s the weirdest request or crowd action you’ve ever had when DJing?

Marcus: “Can you get me any Ket?”

3000: You’re obviously no stranger to the gym, many artists probably struggle to find the time, especially with an intensive gigging schedule not to mention very generous drinks riders. How much time do you dedicate to fitness and do you have any advice for fellow DJs looking to keep in shape?

Marcus: I do more than just DJ and still find time, an hour every few days is all you need and isn’t something you should struggle with but if you are struggling then maybe your drink riders are way too big. Home workouts do help too and bare in mind you can do them anywhere (If you are shy or easily embarrassed this is not for you)

3000: Riders seem to be a taboo subject but what do you NEED on a rider for it to be a good night?

Marcus: I don’t really need anything for it to be a good night apart from good Djs in the event but outside of that A bottle of Honey JD is what you will find on my rider.

3000: Aside from electronic music, what other genres are you in to? What would you put on to unwind after a hectic weekend?

Marcus: I do like to wind down to some slow jams

3000: You’ve been associated with Rinse for a long time now, how did you first come about grabbing a show on there?

Marcus: Geeneus came and got me and I happily followed.

3000: It’s pretty standard but everyone respects your choices, who are you’re ones to watch for next year? 2 Bass & 2 UK Funky

Marcus: The whole Bass movement in general needs to be watched it’s exploded into more than what I could ever have imagined and it be a bit of a piss take for me to only name two or even 20 and knowingly leave out so many that I know are gonna do really well next year too.

3000: What about funky?

Marcus: Again there is more than just this lot but these are the stand out producers whose music I play the most at the moment:

LR Groove, Murder He Wrote, Majora, JOOK10, Leda Stray.

3000: If someone offered you 10 grand to wine and dine Theresa May, would you? If so, where would you take her?

Marcus: For 10 bags I would hang out the back of old Theresa like a raccoon’s tail after first taking her to Garage Splash to get her off her lil titties x


You can listen to Marcus’ exclusive mix for 3000 Bass here:


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