There seems to be a never-ending stream of top quality garage music emerging out of the UK right now, with the recent stream of good weather making it all make sense as the clubs begin to open their doors for sat-down raves. The best thing about this new wave of garage music to us here at The 3000 Network, is that there is such a high energy level woven throughout all of it, putting us all in the party mood and making that transition from lockdown to unlocked even easier for the raving community. Garage music is something the UK is able to remain extremely proud of and with it taking off as a sound all over the world, that pride and admiration is only likely to grow.

The Southpoint team have made a great habit of unleashing these garage tracks at just the right time, with both ‘Woman’s Touch’ from Bushbaby & Moony & Movements ‘Last Night’ sitting amongst the catalogues classic collection. Today though, we are seeing them unleash a new artist into the fray as Weagle makes his full release debut on the Brighton-based platform, delivering two spicy summer-inspired garage originals for us all to enjoy during the barbeque season.

These two tracks, in our eyes, are a perfect way for Weagle to debut on the label, as they showcase the colourful side of his production down to a t, combining smooth rhythmic bliss with colourful melodic fusion and clever vocal sampling throughout. We begin with ‘Lucky’, a proper vibrant jig of an original, focussing in on super colourful drum skips and tidy vocal sampling that really does give the track a fruity feel. Following this, ‘Stormin’ takes us down a much more quirky road, focussing on more wonky synthesizer manoeuvres and vocal arrangements, but again tying back into that feeling of summer throughout!

It’s a tasty two-tracker, that you can check out in full via the link below: