Weagle unleashes a brand new four track garage tape

2020 as a year has been an incredibly bumpy ride for the UK dance music industry. With the closing of clubs and loss of venues around the country, it is very easy to not be feeling at your best right now, looking at the prospects for nightlife moving forward. Dance music is a sound that is designed to be enjoyed among the company of others at the end of the day. However, if there is one thing lockdown has given us, it is a pretty ridiculous array of new releases over the course of the year, with producers finding that extra bit of time to really push their projects up to the next level of quality.

This has also lead to a vast array of new producers finding their way into the scene and some of them taking it by storm, one of whomst we are looking at today as Weagle finds himself as today’s artist-in-focus. Over the weekend we saw him launch his brand new indpedent solo four tracker, taking the titlte ‘With The Ruff N The Smooth’, showcasing the more melodic side of UKG with some serious heat sprinkled throughout. It was such an impressive project for us to stumble across that we just couldn’t not feature it here at The 3000 Network.

Featuring four absolute corkers, the EP gives us some immediate good vibes, kicking off the with nostalgic chord skips and almost eskimo style bassline manouvres of ‘Thoughts’, giving us a taster of the brilliance that is still yet to come. Next, Kitson joins the team for ‘Fumer Tue’, a more 2-step inspired wiggle, using the space of it’s interesting rhythms to inspire some serious undercover winds, before the high intensity drum structures and bouncing basslines of ‘Ruffin’ deliver a more potent punch. Finally, the pleasing vocal processing and high tempo compositional values of ‘Everytime We Touch’ puts the final touches on a very impressive body of work, crowning Weagle as a definite one to watch for 2021!

You can check out Weagle’s full EP below: 

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