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We welcome Luke Tone to The 3000 Network with an epic new mix, recorded live from Coda Nightclub, Toronto

Posted 18/6/19 in

Here at The 3000 Network, we really try to keep our content and musical landscape as varied as possible, showcasing music from across the different sub-categories of dance worldwide. This of course means we are always on the look for out for exclusive content from around the bass world and beyond that we know will keep you on the edge of your seat.

For this reason we couldn’t be happier to be presenting the following exclusive upload from Luke Tone, a producer and DJ we have been keeping a close eye on for some time. We have seen him have quite an exciting twelve months of success, with a tonne of cool features across platforms such as BBC Radio 1, Complex, DJ Mag, Pigeons and Planes and more. As well as this list of fantastic support, he has racked up an impressive catalogue of releases, including drops alongside top tier label projects such as Stacked, Ultra Bass, LW Recordings and of course our very own 3000 Deep:

This latest helping sees us bring you the official live audio from his highly anticipated live show in Canada and we are more then happy to host this epic live mix as the next instalment of ‘3000 Sessions’. He touched down for a 90 minute blast of techno, bass and everything in-between in Toronto’s renowned venue ‘Coda’.

The mix is a perfect way to kick start your morning, evening, or in fact any time of the day, as we are treated to an immense selection of sounds and rhythms, crafted together with masterful precision and thinking, seamlessly driving us through a gallery of styles and genres. Really though, as we cruise into summer, what is better for long haul listening than a mix like this? It isn’t often we make such a big deal about live performance, but the pure elegance of this particular showcase was just too good to ignore.

Luke had a few words to say about the mix:

“The reason this mix is so significant for me is because I am starting a new alias for House and Tech House, I also produce and DJ as Terror Tone that focuses more on UK Garage/UK Funky and Bass orientated sounds, this mix was opening for Will Clarke on Saturday April 13th, at Coda nightclub in Toronto. It was my first booking under the Luke¬†Tone alias, I have music coming under this alias later this year.
I am also starting a label later this year called TakaTaka with two other DJs in the Toronto (Mikey Palermo and Booshay) that is going to focus on forward thinking House and Bass, we are also organising events in the Toronto area.”
We look forward to see new developments from Luke Tone, Terror Tone & TakaTaka very soon.

We have the great pleasure of hosting the mix below, via our 3000 Blog SoundCloud page:


Luke Tone/Terror Tone Social links:

Words: KXVU

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