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We tease new RKS Sampler with exclusive Roska premiere & interview

Posted 18/7/19 in

Over the years we have seen the UK Funky genre constantly evolve, with twists and turns at every corner and popularity growing and shrinking year to year. We feel currently however that the genre has regained somewhat of a high point, with creativity at an all time high and new releases hitting the shelves from numerous different exciting label projects every week.

When looking into labels, you can’t really ignore the fact that Roska Kicks & Snares, often abbreviated to RKS has continued to champion the UK sound throughout the genre’s highs and lows without fail, with the man himself constantly pushing the scene forward whilst both being a voice for the scenes veterans and providing a staple platform for a tonne of the exciting newcomers to emerge in recent times. 

Today we are here to take a look at their latest project, which comes to us in the form of a mini compilation project, going by the title of the ‘RKS Sampler, Vol. 1’. The project features five wicked creations, including new music from Motu, Nico Lindsay, KG, SMBD, PRM Project, Scrufizzer and Roska himself. 

We are here today however to bring you an exclusive premiere of Roska’s remix contribution as he touches down on DJ Polo’s ‘Lions’ original, giving it a serious relick with bags of percussive energies and deep rhythmic manoeuvres, perfect for bringing some additional energy to the dance. The whole project drops tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. 

You can check out our exclusive premiere below:  

We were also lucky enough to catch up with Roska himself for a bit of a chat, first asking how the line up for this one came together. He replied with ‘Motu and Polo are RKS heads. We’ve got some sick releases from them in the near future including Polo’s LP which is incoming. KG and SMBD sent me this track a while back and it was about finding the correct time to drop their track as it’s such a banger but on a different wave. Good to have grime boys Scrufizzer and Nico on some features too.’ 

When then questioned on how they keep it so fresh and how they decide on new artists, he told us that ‘It’s hard and I think with us consistently putting out music, we have to keep on our toes and with Polo and Motu around the beats are constantly fresh. I get a lot of demos. I take time out to listen to them and sometimes I take a break from them all. What I look for in a new artist is not just the music but also their drive, are they here because I’m Roska and they believe I can elevate their career or are they here to make a name for themselves. 

We finished up by asking what does the future hold for RKS and the man himself? He replied ‘For RKS we’re here for a long time. I like to keep things fresh and all about the music. For myself I’m working on more Roska material plus a few other bits and getting into production on other artists projects too.’

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