As always here at the 3000 Network, we are continuing to make more and more efforts to showcase as wide a range of underground electronic dance music as possible. It’s well documented that we haven’t covered anywhere near as much D&B as we could have, but every now and then a release decides to come along that simply blows us away, both in its creativity and originality. We are of course talking about the latest helping of heavyweight goodness from the team over at Drippyboiii, a collective we have find ourselves alligning with numerous times throughout the lockdown period. 

They seem to be able to operate with an incredible of consistency, with every release hitting a seriously high standard of creative yet super-clean D&B. The latest drop from them sees them welcome back the sounds of Sematic, who delivers four tracks of pure fire in a combination of remixes and original creations. The overall feel of the EP is pretty classy to say the least, with the stripped back yet potent nature of each track sounding perfect for a big system return when lockdown comes to an end.

Sematic - My Mind [Drippyboiii]
Sematic – My Mind [Drippyboiii]
We begin with a look at ‘My Mind’, a futurustic and atmospheric dive into sumptuous sub-bass and grizzly bass design. This one is a real roller, doused in warbling synths that just take us back to the dance. Next, MC Friskee gets involved, providing some tidy vocal additions over the top of the hard hitting subs of ‘Never Leave’, before we hear Sematic get to work refixed the ethereal vocal structures and eerie piano taps of ‘White Lies’ from Axis. Finally, DJ Komatoze gives ‘Diaphragm’ a tasty rework to finish off the project in style. It’s a spicy selection to say the least, which you can enjoy for yourselves via the link below:

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