As we continue to strive in our attempts to release the best underground dance music out there, we have been lucky enough to stumble across a few absolute gems this year. The latest of which is this fabulous new UKG sizzler from Average Citizens, who really set the party alight with this colourful creation, taking the title of ‘What It Be Like’.

Through a thunderous combination of auto-tuned vocal samples, nostalgic organ melodies and crispy drums, we find ourselves very involved across a vibrant introduction. We then tear down the walls of comfortability as we find ourselves engulfed in old school LFO swipes, dizzying chord progressions and a driving sense of sub, giving this one a huge seal of approval from us. It’s a must have for any DJ looking to add a dash of heat to the dance floor.

Check out the release via The 3000 Network Premiere below:

Stream/download below: