As always here at The 3000 Network, we aim to keep an eye on all corners of bass music, allowing us to maintain birds eye view of all that is going across across the full breadth of bass music as a whole. Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of different artists and labels, most of which we very much enjoy staying in contact with, allowing us to watch the progression with a smile. Today, we are once again linking up with the one the call HDrizzle for a look at his brand new ‘Motion EP’, whose new EP hit the stores very recently, reaching #8 in the Juno Download Bass chart in the first week.

HDrizzle - Motion EP (featuring Thug Shells & Distinct)
HDrizzle – Motion EP (featuring Thug Shells & Distinct)

The EP is made up of three powerful originals, exploring various different avenues of the bass music sound but all, ultimately, coming back to that central theme of causing a ruckus in the dance. We begin our journey with the sounds of the title track itself ‘Motion’, a wobble-heavy experience, combining the sounds of fidget-like drums with a colourful LFO lead that reminds us quite heavily of early Crookers material. There’s an uplifting feel to this one and it definitely falls into a wider category of attraction with dance music.

Next up, we jump into the first of two collaborations we find on the project as Thug Shells joins the party for ‘Keep Up’, another LFO lead creation that this time samples what sounds like a pop-culture heavy referencing vocal conversation, giving the whole track a very different vibe. Finally, Distinct joins the gang for the last track on the project entitled ‘Space’, which after working it’s way through a super moody, minimal intro, descends into another low warbling roller, focussing on lower-pitched bass design and stripped back drum arrangements for the late night ravers.


We have attached a full link to the EP below for you to enjoy.


Stream/download ‘Motion EP’ here

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