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We take a trip to LA to check out the latest drop from BLEAM

Posted 22/11/19 in

As we draw towards the close of 2019, one thing we can safely say is that it has been a fantastic year for dance music as a whole, across the whole world. We have seen multiple countries develop new, exciting scenes in bass music and beyond, alongside seeing the established orders continue to grow and advance, forever pushing the boundaries and barriers of sound forward. It’s an exciting time and in the future we truly believe that 2019 will be a year that the music historians will draw a lot of origins from.

As we are discussing music from the world over, we are today here to take a brief leap over to LA, a city renowned for it’s constantly evolving music scene. be that in a more hip hop vein or within the realms of the cities rapidly expanding dance music sector, which has seen labels such as Night Bass rise to the forefront of bass music across the globe. To see a city thrive so much in it’s musical movements is something we find truly inspiring here at the threethousand camp.

Who doesn’t love a free download? We sure love them, and that is half of the reason we are going to today talk about this brand new freebie from LA native BLEAM, a producer who has begun to amass a sound following through his high output of exciting EDM rethinks and colourful original compositions, all focussing around big room synthesizer action and bouncy rhythmic arrangements.

This latest drop goes by the name of ‘New Age’ and is a perfect example of seamlessly blending a range of EDM themes. The introduction to the track boasts an energizing vocal slice, layered with electronic distortion over rapidly expanding drum rolls, leading us towards a real behemoth of a breakdown. When we get there, we are greeted by a crunchy array of cowbell pings and grizzly bass action. This one is perfect for the late night ravers,

You can check out the track for yourself below:

Follow: Bleam

Words: KXVU

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