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We take a trip into the deep and dark with this brand new GAWP premiere

Posted 8/8/19 in

At The 3000 Network, we are always keen to look into whatever the next big thing is going to be. Within bass music we are currently within a period of serious transition, as we find artists moving away from the standardised Bassline sound and into new areas of inspiration, one of those being the very exciting tech hybrid sound.

It’s time for us to take another journey into the unknown today as we dive head first into an artist we are yet to explore. Hailing from Leeds, we are very excited to take a closer look at GAWP, a producer who’s unique, grizzly approach to 4×4 music has seen him gain the support of some of the biggest labels in bass and house music, including the likes of Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol, Toolroom, 7Wallace & Hotboi.

We are here today however to take a brief look into his latest debut on Anabatic as he touches down for a brand new EP, taking the title of ‘See You Later Oscillator‘. From start to finish the EP is a brilliant showcase of GAWP‘s truly unique take on electronic music production, focusing heavily on the timbre of his bass tones and sharpness of his drum designs.

We have been given the pleasure of getting involved with this release with the premiere of ‘Lost in Arizona‘ within which he is joined by Bacosaurus for a techy shell-down, laced with some seriously exciting sound design and a general sense of production finesse. The track displays some seriously smooth percussive processing and groovy rhythmic prowess in the lead up to the dark and dingy breakdown, which itself is pushed forward by some lo-fi sub pressure and alarm-like synth tones above.

You are now able to check out our official premiere of the track via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page, the link to which we have attached below: 

Follow: GAWP

Words: KXVU

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