Despite the slow but steady drift towards winter-feeling weather and the end of festival season, we can always rely on the incredibly talented roster of producers currently creating within the UKG sphere to give us back that summer feeling. Garage is always seen as a summer sound, but in our eyes, that energy is transmittable across the full calendar year when done properly! Today we are going to be returning to one of the more exciting newer imprints to grace the scene in recent years, levelling up at every turn and showing top notch levels of consistency within every project the unleash. 

We are of course talking about Steppers Club, a fantastically vibrant project based in Bristol, who since their emergence have stood out as real pacemakers for UKG as a whole. They have done a wicked job of assembling a fresh and unique roster of artists, all of whom bring a unique splash of sonic colour to their canvas, always moving forward with a real feeling of care and finesse. Today, they are back in action, deploying another sizzler of a two-tracker into the world as Para arrives with a point to prove.

The first thing we notice about this exceptional two-track display, is that perfect blend of nostalgic-know-how and the understanding of the here in and now, fusing NUKG themes with old-school sounding melodic twists and rhythmic grooves. This is firstly apparent on the lead track ‘Bodybag’ which holds a pulsating 808-style bass drum as the leading force, but is topped with glitchy melodic jitters and alarm like tones throughout to make it a real dancefloor weapon. 

On the flip to this, ‘Losing Control’ gives us something a little different and a lot more stripped back. Taking another primary focus on exciting bass movement and catchy riff influxes, this one removes a fair few drum layers and plays the part of a more subtle roller to give the two-track experience quite a depthy feel for such a short space of time.

You can check out both of the tracks via our friends over at JunoDownload through the link below:

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