We take a look at Roska’s latest remix bundle, including a Chris Lorenzo premiere.

The beauty of being so closely involved with so many different areas of underground dance music here at The 3000 Network, is that we are able to get the heads up when we know something special is bubbling away, be that a new release, an event, or even a remix bundle. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at just that as we dive back into the realms of UK funky for a closer look at a solid new international collaboration and the remixes that it has gone on to spawn. Now the UK funky scene is littered with experienced and legendary names, however we are leaping right to the top of the tree this morning as we take a much closer peek at the one and only Roska.


His brand new remix bundle on the Tokyo based imprint Trekkie Trax is a perfect example of an old-school remix drop done properly. ‘Pree Me’ featuring the vocal work of Nakamura Minami, receives four fabulous revamps, exploring different sounds and styles but all kicking it with a heavy underground edge, giving both the vocal and original selection of instrumentation their own unique twist.

Roska - Pree Me ft. Nakamura Minami (Chris Lorenzo Remix) [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Roska – Pree Me ft. Nakamura Minami (Chris Lorenzo Remix) [The 3000 Network Premiere]
The line up for this selection is looking as spicy as ever as we kick off with a powerful overhaul from the one and only Chris Lorenzo. He gives the track a much more tech-influenced feel, combining smooth 4×4 drum punches and sweeping bass lines to push Nakamura’s vocal even further. Next, Carpainter amplifies the UK funky angle with a sizzling recreation, focussing in on carnival style drum processing and vibrant rhythmic displays.

Chris Lorenzo
Chris Lorenzo

Following this we continue our exploration as Bristols own production mastermind: Hodge, gives the track a much more tribal feel, focussing in on lively percussive layering and potent sub-bass designs below, before moving into the final version from Oyobi. This final remix is something very out there, operating up at around 160-170BPM, we are engulfed by lively drum skips and system-busting bass below, giving us the full set of varied remixes.

Roska has organised a corker here and you can check out The 3000 Network Premiere of Chris Lorenzo’s remix below: 

Stream/download the full release here