We speak to Tenshu about his brand new single ‘Inside The Ride’

A name that’s fast built up a quality reputation in the world of bass, Tenshu has spent recent years refining a style which is distinct yet still fresh with every new release. And with his newest track on Wang Records getting attention from mixes such as Kiwi Direct, Inside The Ride was sure to be a strong contender at threethousand.co.uk. Warping together the conventions of bass with his personal approach, this is not one to be overlooked.

With a sub heavy groove and hints of european techno influences weaving throughout the build up, Tenshu’s signature bass-inspired sound takes centre stage in the main body of Inside The Ride, uplifting a warbling bass with a brass infused melody line. When combining this with a stripped back drum sequence, all ears are focused on the beauty of the wobbly interplay between instrumentation. Calculated and clever, this track shows a step up even from Tenshu’s most recent releases with a gnarlier touch to warm up any crowd in the coming colder months.

Inside The Ride is a grimy floor-filler that’s hard to come by, infectious in its step and powerful in its drive. A track that is calculated yet still free, it’s a great sign of how far Tenshu has come already and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him!

We got the chance for an exclusive chat with the producer himself about the track and a few other bits, check it out below:

How has lockdown been treating you?

It’s been a weird one but I’ve definitely tried to make the most out of a bad situation! I graduated after four years of university in July so I’ve been making the most of having some stress-free time to chill out, which has turned into me making a ton of new music. I also started collecting and sampling vinyl so I guess I’ve developed a new hobby?

This summer has been a busy one for you in terms of releases – should we be expecting more in the near future?

Absolutely, I’m only just getting started really! I’ve already got the next few months of releases locked in and I plan on putting out something every month for the foreseeable future. I’ve also got a 100% production mix to debut all of the new music I’ve been making, and I’m doing something pretty cool for that (coming very soon).

This is definitely a bassier sound than your previous releases – is this something we should be expecting to hear more of in the future?

Yes and no. I would definitely say I’ve evolved a lot from my original bassline / bass house style that I started this alias with, but there is some stuff I’ve been making with a deeper and darker vibe to it. I kind of just make what I feel, although a lot of my new stuff does have a strong house / tech influence to it. But anything can happen! I don’t like to restrict myself and I just make and release whatever I enjoy really.

What was your favourite part about the process of making this track?

I think it was honestly how easily it came together. I started and essentially finished the track over the span of a few days, and it was just fun to revisit the darker, more UK Garage-y side of my production. Putting together those skippy 4×4 UKG drums are always fun, though.

What were the influences that encouraged you to create Inside The Ride?

Definitely that old-skool Speed Garage sound. Some die-hard UKG heads might have noticed but I also sampled ‘Matt Antonio – Closer’ in some parts of the track, which is one of my favourite older Garage tunes.

What does Inside The Ride mean to you? What are you communicating through this track?

I guess I just wanted to reconnect with the darker and deeper side of my production a little. I wanted to put a Tenshu spin on an old skool UKG vibe and I think I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

If you could pick any artist to collaborate with in the future, who would it be?

Ah, this is a tough one for sure. There are so many artists that I love and that inspire me, big and small. But I think after watching their Twitch production streams these past few months it would have to be Disclosure. Guy and Howard are wizards in the studio.

What’s your next goal in terms of music?

The main goal for me is to just release more music. For the first time in a long time I’m really happy with the majority of new music that I’m sitting on, and I’m super excited for everyone to hear it. I’d also love to start releasing on some of my favourite labels which are already in the works, so basically keep on pushing out the tunes!

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Words: Julia Bernat