The year is very much in full motion it would seem when it comes to releasing underground dance music, with all of the stores looking like they will be reporting a very lively January period. Traditionally, January is a slow month for dance music, with the industry only just getting back into work mode following the Christmas break, but this year, it seems that the entirely opposite scenario is underway. This goes for both artists and labels, with today’s outing seeing us explore a brand new compilation project from one of the most talked about outfits across the realms of underground bass and garage music, both here in the UK and on a worldwide scale.

We are of course talking about Shosh’s own 24Hr Garage Girls imprint, one of the UK’s most exciting collectives who continue to bring lively energy to everything they touch, whether that be live performances or actual releases. The most exciting thing about this latest project, is the pure depth into which we can explore, with a full roster of exciting UKG talent on display. When we asked Shosh exactly how she chose who was going to be getting involved with the compilation, she said: Well, As a UKG specialist DJ on KISS its my job to have an ear to the ground for new talent, emerging new artists and people that have maybe been overlooked too. Over time I got a sense for who I wanted to contribute to the Compilation and reached out to them personally. I think I reached out to 20 artists initially and 16 came though with an amazing track so I feel very grateful to them! Some tracks were an instant YES! Others were more of a discussion and development between myself and the producer to get it up to a standard we’re both happy to release.”

24hr Garage Girls
24hr Garage Girls
The roster that has been assembled is extremely impressive, with the likes of Smasher, Smokey Bubblin B’, Zefer, Blakk Habit, Laura Alice, K9 and a tonne more. The roster is super impressive, with the tracks themselves being even more-so, leading us to want to get involved with an exclusive premiere, which you can check out more on below. We also got time to ask Shosh whether this group of artists were going to be featuring on the label for releases across 2022, to which she replied “In the past we’ve only released the annual compilation (this is the 3rd) and not yet had individual artist releases, but that’s something I’m looking to expand on in 2022. Outside of releases though we aim to work alongside artists from the compilation to help grow their artist engagement, in terms of line ups, radio guestmixes etc. For example, we are just about to announce a massive event at Werkhaus, London featuring many artists from the Compilation… Alongside our core crew of Garage Girl dancers and vocalists of course!

This is a fantastic move forward for a very exciting label project and we are going to be making a real effort to stay up to date with everything they’ve got going on. To round up on our brief chat with Shosh, we wanted to find out a little bit more about what the imprint had on the way, so we had to go ahead and ask. She told us “Well, a lot has just happened! We’ve just recruited 4 professional trained dancers who work tight choreography into our live shows. Its amazing how much it’s upped our game and presence on stage. I’m also mad excited to be working regularly with Leanne Louise and Kelsey, 2 amazing vocalists & song-writers who simultaneously sing and host the sets on stage. It means a 24hr Garage Girls show involves PA’s, live harmonies, skilled choreography and fast-paced DJ mixing all in 1. Its not something I’ve seen anyone doing at the moment, let alone an all-woman group. We are just about to drop the line up for our massive London party at Werkhaus in March! So if you want to come see it in action here’s your chance!”

Shosh & Soulecta
Shosh & Soulecta

So, next up we jump into our main event, which is of course our exclusive premiere from the compilation, welcoming Soulecta back to 3000 Blog for a very wavy single by the name of ‘Got This’, once again showcasing Soulecta’s fabulously lively approach to UKG, doused in smooth melodic twists and lively percussive arrangements to kick start any dance in style.

You can check out our exclusive premiere via the SoundCloud link below:

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