We speak to Jay Faded following his brand new Night Bass drop

When we watch the UK Bass scene expand, we are always absolutely thrilled to tell you the truth. The beauty of sounds created on our shoes spreading across the world and changing the face of underground dance music internationally is something we enjoy seeing a lot, which is why today’s look at the latest Night Bass drop is such an enjoyable one to discuss. Historically, AC Slater‘s LA-based imprint has always been a beacon of international collaboration, with their artist roster spanning numerous continents and always supplying us with the goodies.

Jay Faded‘s new EP is another fantastic addition to that list of heavy hitters, featuring six explosive dance floor ready creations, each of which brings something different to the table. Six tracks is always a big amount of music to unleash on a solo EP, but the collaborative kick off with ‘DeBe‘ is a gnarly system slapper, injecting energy from the off before the lethal synthesizer runs of ‘Don’t Worry‘ and more smooth chord progressions of ‘IDGAF‘ take the track listing somewhere completely different.

From here, ‘Welli Road‘ offers us a spacey look at futuristic bass design, followed by the niche-influenced synth design of ‘Everything‘, deploying high pitched instrumentation and choppy 4×4 drums below before the carnivorous sounds of ‘Savage Dub‘ rework the title track into an even more grizzly creation. It’s a fantastic selection and a great representation of Jay Faded on the international stage!

You can check out our Q&A with Jay Faded about the release below:

How was it working with Night Bass to begin with?

What I can gather working with Nightbass started when a supporter tagged me in one of AC’s videos saying “please play Jay Faded – Bits at your next show..” a week later i was tagged in a video of AC Slater (Head of Nightbass) playing it at a show, then he reached out via email and went from there!

How long has this one been in the works?

So i kept sending Slater my unreleased tunes then around June/Aug 2020 he asked if i wanted to drop a EP early 2021.

Obviously your sound has a much more naturally UK influenced sound to it, do you feel you are representing the genre when you release internationally like this?

Well when making this EP I wanted to show off the talent in Northampton so my manager connected me to the rapper DeBe and we got a banger down. I believe the main track of the EP defiantly represents the more alternative side off UK Bass and super excited to show the project to the world.

Your sounds seems to be going everywhere at the moment, what is the thing that inspires you most?

This may sound a bit off but most of my music is inspired by how I’m feeling that day, if i don’t have a emotional connection with the track then id never release it. Genre wise Dubstep, Grime, UKG, DnB & jazz really hits the sweet spot for me.

With 2020 behind us and 2021 well underway, what else can we expect from you this year?

2021 you can expect it to be levelling up season, I got the Night Bass EP dropping Feb with loads of singles throughout the year, may do another cheeky EP for the backend of the year too.

You can check out the full EP via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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