It’s safe to say that we have all missed the dancefloor. The last few weeks of carnage in the clubs and at the festival stages has made that very clear, with a tonne of built up raving energy being expelled very quickly and the atmosphere in the dances never being better. Bass music has therefore made a return with a serious smack as the most prestigious artists return to performing up and down the country, much to the delight of themselves and their receptive fanbases.  This does of course mean that we are likely to continue to see a switch of release-approaches to a much more raucous sounding set of designs among the bass community.

One person who already has that in his locker in abundance is of course Doncaster’s own Cajama, who over the years has the necessary steps to establish himself and his sound at the top of the bass music pyramid, now finding himself as a headliner on the majority of shows he sits on the line up for. The thing we have always enjoyed about Cajama’s approach however is the level of enthusiasm he always brings to the table, that attitude of loving what you are doing is infectious and will always add an additional dash of spice to both your production and live performances.

Today we are here to take a look at his brand new single which dropped on Friday via the team over at CruCast. Taking the title ‘Take A Ride’, we truly get to explore that explosive “returning to the rave” mindset within the rollercoaster of a journey this one provides. We are immediately greeted by a storming array of intense drum designs before hitting a crescendo doused with hyperactive synthesizer swirls and a truly outlandish melodic approach.  This is going to cause some serious dancefloor damage, which is why we felt it was a good idea to catch up with Cajama to find out about how he is feeling about the new single, returning to raves in general and more.

Going by your insta stories and general social presence, it’s safe to say that you are enjoying being back in the dances right?

ABSOLUTELY! There is literally no better feeling than stepping into a venue and seeing hundereds of people having the time of their lives, and its even better when I step on the stage! Everyone has bottled up so much over the past 2 years and the cap has finally unscrewed – everyone LOVES it! I mentioned in my insta story that for the first time in literally years (maybe even before school as a kid), I’m happy. Raves are back and everything is falling back into place, and as an artist it feels so good to be back doing what I love the most – making people happy.

How long has this single been in the bag?

I made it literally 1 week after the first lockdown, out of pure anger and upset – I didn’t expect anything like this would happen in our lifetime and just vented to my DAW. Eventually ended up adding the vocal which seemed to balance the tune out a little with some emotion but yeh, its been on the old hard drive for a very long time! I knew releasing it during lockdown wouldn’t go very well, it just didn’t seem like the right timing. I really wanted to wait for this tune to be the “return to raves” tune – and so far its been doing damage in my sets!

How much difference does it make being able to drop a tune like this and then spin it in a live setting?

Funny you say that, when I first created the tune that was the last thing on my mind. As time went on I started dreaming about the shows again, using this tune as the big “main event” of the set. It wasn’t until I went in the studio with Darkzy when I realised how much potential the track had, he mentioned to me stepping on stage, arms wide open and then going ham when it dropped – it really helped create the image for me. But I tell you now, actually dropping this tune in a live setting is better than any picture I had in my mind. I can’t wait until people know the full track and get to sing along when I play shows!

This track sounds like it’s had a lot of built up energy thrown into the production, did it feel like a release getting this one out there?

It certainly did! I mentioned earlier I just vented into my DAW, thats literally what happened. From start to finish the tune took about 6 hours to make, which isn’t long in the slightest – thats how much emotion just flowed into this track haha! I feel like I’m now finally getting something off my shoulders, releasing all that build up energy and hopefully people can resonate with it.

So what’s next for Caj?

Hmmmm let me think – there may be a debut music video coming which is super exciting for me, always wanted to work on one and almost a year ago my team and I had the sickest idea to make my first one absolutely SLAP – so that is next! After that, we move over to the US side of things for my first official remix with some pretty high profile artists over there – news on that one is coming very very soon so keep an eye out! I can’t wait for the future, everything is really looking up at the moment and who knows what can happen over the course of 6 months!

You can check out the full single below via our friends over at JunoDownload:

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