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We speak to Bushbaby about his brand new Night Bass release, Boomtown and more in exclusive Q/A

Posted 13/8/19 in

It’s been a hell of a year for Bushbaby, a Brighton based producer who has shot to fame through his incredible production style and unique take on a range of different bass music styles. Since emerging in 2015 with a breaksy Southpoint EP, he has since become seen as somewhat of a household name within the UK dance music scene, traversing multiple styles and blessing us all with a number of lively DJ performances. His unique level of production mastery has seen him gain support from some of the UK’s most talked about DJ’s, including My Nu Leng and Holy Goof for starters.

So far this year, we have already seen him complete an extremely well received tour around Australia, top the Beatport charts with his most recent single ‘Woman’s Touch’, and have one of the stand out performances of this year’s Boomtown festival, a feat not easily achieved with such an incredible line up.

Today, we see him open up the latest chapter in his story as he continues to see his sound evolve into something completely new, drawing influences for all areas of dance music from bass to tech and back again. This unique blend of styles and themes has seen him gain the attention of our friends oversees, landing him a long awaited EP on AC Slater’s world renowned: Night Bass.

The EP itself is somewhat of a land mark, but seems to us to be the next logical step in Bushbaby’s development, as he strips back the whammy nature of his tracks a forges forward with a much more mature take on 4×4 music, creating a sound that clearly appeals to fans not just in the UK, but to the rest of the world. He lands with two absolute heaters on a solo tip, as well as a very creative collaborative project with Inkline who returns to Night Bass yet again.

The EP itself drops this Friday and we have attached the title track below:

We were also lucky enough to catch up with the man himself for a quick Q/A about everything he has currently going on, including a look at the EP specifically and a bit of a Boomtown recap, which you can read exclusively below:

How long has this been in the works?

I’ve wanted a release on Night Bass for a while now but we sent through the tunes at the start of 2019 and AC was feeling them so it went from there.  

How cool is it to work with Night Bass?

They’re a great label. Treading the line between bass music, house and techno which is perfect for the kinda sound I’m playing with at the moment. They’re super open minded and easy to work with also, which makes things a lot easier. 

How would you say your sound has evolved over the last 12 months?

I’ve definitely gone a lot darker and stripped back, less aggressive and more vibey. It’s the same with the music I’m playing in my sets, I get the biggest vibe going when I’m playing a tune and everyone’s just dancing along and then you hear them really loud whistles from the crowd over some dark rolling bassline, it honestly gives me the chills and it’s what I aim for when I’m producing and playing. 

How was Boomtown?

Boomtown was absolutely incredible. It was by far the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to. From where I was standing I couldn’t really see the crowd that well because of the lights and stuff but then when I finished my set I walked up the stairs at the back and looked out and saw 10,000 people and was just thinking ‘Oh my god, as if I’ve just played to that’. That was a moment I will never forget. The stage looked amazing from the crowd as well with all the lasers and strobes. You gotta take your hat off to Boomtown for their stage design!

What else do we have on the way from yourself

I tested out a new one at Boomtown that seemed to go down quite well so I will probably be showing that one to the world next!

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