As fans and followers of underground dance music across the board, the team here at The 3000 Network is always keen to keep a close eye on what is going on within the dubstep scene, a sound that in a lot of ways birthed this new age of electronic music appreciation across younger generations in the UK. The dubstep sound has been undergoing a fantastic move in the right direction over the last couple of years, with the momentum really starting to shift back towards 140 and a huge influx of exciting international production talent, next to a flurry of very solid label imprints making their names known.

With this growth in quality, we have also seen a huge growth in infrastructure begin to reign, as the stalwarts of the sound continue to look to make the scene a fairer place and a more level playing field, which is one of the motives behind the creation of ‘140 Plates’. Since their inception, which came to pass due to the team at DUPLOC coupling up with a number of other dubstep heavyweight platforms and creating an exclusive store. This platform has gone on to become the go-to store for anything 140 related, with their own site stating the following reasons why users should gravitate to their platform:

 . we are cheaper for the customer

. we take 3x less of a cut per sale

 . we pay out more net to the artists/labels

It’s a fantastic thing to see when different members of a scene come together to create a new artist-lead directive, with an expansion now taking place to bring even more labels into the store. On Monday the 15th of August, we saw the platform welcome over 30 new labels to their catalogue, including the likes of DEEP MEDi Musik, Cutcross Recordings and more. With this new influx of projects jumping aboard, we sat down with Pieter from DUPLOC for a quick update about the site and when asked about the reason behind the expansion he said “We really want 140 Plates to be the biggest and best place for buying Dubstep & 140 music, that’s why this latest expansion is so important. With another 30+ labels including the likes of Deep Medi, we feel like we are getting closer to that goal and we will definitely achieve this with some future features we have planned, including one where artists can upload their own releases much like Bandcamp

We asked a couple of further questions, mainly about what these new labels can bring to the site, to which he responded “These new labels being added very simply bring more quality to the site. These are all top labels from the scene all releasing some seriously top quality music. It’s an honour and privilege to be part of spreading the word and pushing that music across the globe.“.

You can head over to the 140 Plates site now to check out to check out the new label editions below