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We sent KXVU to check out Ome’s incredible new Simply Deep Drop

Posted 10/12/19 in

At threethousand.co.uk, we are always keen to make sure we are looking into as many different areas of underground bass music as possible. Me myself, I have grew up on dubstep and grime, rendering 140BPM my homeland. Therefore, to see just how good 2019 has been for dubstep specifically fills me with joy. We have seen some incredible releases, with today being one of my picks of the bunch as we rush towards the new year quicker than ever before.

Today, we take a look at the latest project from Simply Deep, who join us today as they bring forward this incredible new body of work from rapidly rising Berlin based producer: Ome. with a uniquely crispy sound running throughout the project, we were genuinely blown away with the combination of clarity and power the project brings forward, kicking off with the dazzling synthesizer strips of the opening track ‘Another’, which rotate between early grime melodies and hard hitting bass tones.

We also check out the title track ‘Way Too Far’, a track designed for soundsystem culture to the fullest as we welcome the title track ‘Way Too Far’, before rounding off the originals with ‘Luna Sangrante’, a colourful explosion of chord-led harmony and writhing melodic structure. We also see tidy remixes from both Busted Fingerz and Allone, giving this EP the 3000 seal of approval all day long.

We loved it so much that we felt obliged to get in contact with Ome to talk through his influences and more, which you can read exclusively below, along with the embedded project playlist:

When did you first get into production?|

I first got into producing in 2015. some friends of mine were using FL Studio in that time. they kinda inspired me. I played bass guitar for three years before but I was a little disappointed about it because I always had to compromise with the other band members, so my music life kind of swapped over time into producing.

Why 140?

I like the vibe that comes through with the sounds on 140. sorry for my English, but I feel there is a vibe that you don’t have on other bpm.

What is the source of your inspiration?

I feel that it changes really quickly, where I got my inspiration from. I always take most of the inspiration from the homies i do collabs with, but in terms of some names I could mention Mr. K, SP:MC, Digital Mystikz or Geode

How do you feel about dubstep in Europe, IE Rampage etc?

I don’ t relate to much to the ‘Rampage’ kind of scene. But I do feel that the deeper side of dubstep is represented strongly I don’t know if its because of the people I have around me or if it’s true but I don’t see too many people who are into that EDM  dubstep i know more who are into the deeper stuff. I’m happy when I hear people say they like the 140 vibe,  because I have been told before to play 160/170 because people found 140 too slow!

How would you describe Your Sound?

I try to make some clean wobs and chords.  sometimes however it gets a little bit trappy.

How was it working with Simply Deep

Very nice. Sam is a very kind guy. He’s always open to everything so i can only recommend it to others! 

What’s on the Horizon?

A couple of big releases. so keep your eyes peeled

Any other shouts?

Big up to the Greynote crew from Graz for supporting bass music and big up to the whole dubstep crew in Berlin and Potsdam for supporting the 140 scene. Much love to Busted Fingerz as well for helping out with mastering stuff

Follow: Ome

Words: KXVU

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