We send KXVU to speak to Kobe JT, following wicked new link up with Ghstly

As fans of the culture of underground music above all else, we absolutely love to see newer label projects kick-starting with flair and continuing to gain momentum the longer they carry on. It’s not been an easy year for anyone in the music industry, especially those who have previously been reliant on live events for their primary source of funding or as the main location their music is able to be enjoyed.

In short, this is why we have so much time for the team over at Wang Records, who also operate the Beastwang movement, without a doubt one of the most outstanding event companies around the UK, notorious for their high profile lineups and positive attitude towards the clubbing experience. Obviously, therefore, to lose that entire side of your business is going to be pretty crushing, but the energy has seemingly been channeled into the fantastic Wang Records side of the project, with their catalogue for 2020 and 2021 so far being arguably the strongest of any garage-centric imprint on the market.

This is a run they have continued with some serious style upon the release of their most recent new single, which sees GhstlyXXVII, one of the most exciting names in grime hooks up with the super consistent production flavours of Kobe JT, who is without a doubt one of the real forerunners of the modernised garage sound. The vibe of collaboration, which is entitled ‘Doing It Major’, takes them both down a sonic path we have yet to hear, with Kobe channelling a Horsepower-like instrumental structure with some emotive melodic plots into existence. This then gives Ghstly the perfect platform to try something completely different, linking together smooth, more relaxed vocal patterns to toast the flavoursome harmonic structure behind in style.

This link up is such an interesting one, so much so that we had to get onto the line with KobeJT who joined us for a quick Q/A session below:

Q: First of all, how has your start to 2021 been musical-wise?

A: It’s been great so far as I’ve finally got round to releasing my EP with Para, and the track with Ghstly too. They’ve both been a long time coming but i’m glad they’re finally out!

Q: This new single allows us to see something a little different from both yourself and Ghstly, was this how the tune was originally planned out?

A: I’d actually had the instrumental sitting on my laptop for quite a while but didn’t want to release it on its own because I always felt it needed a vocal. I wasn’t sure who to ask at first but when Nico mentioned that Ghstly was interested I was super keen to work with him and get it finished. I’m glad we did in the end!

Q: How was it working with such a precise vocalist on this type of garage track?

A: It was really easy actually. I think it helped that Ghstly liked the instrumental as it was when I first sent it over. He had a demo version back to me within a few days and then we went back and forth for a few weeks until we were both happy with it.

Q: You seem to have covered all areas of garage over the past few years, what’s next for you genre-wise?

A: I’ve still got a lot more garage coming throughout the year. I’ve also been making loads of other stuff recently but nothing ready to release just yet.

Q: What can we expect from the rest of 2021?

A: I’ve got a free download out on my Soundcloud in a few weeks and then a big collaboration with a few of the Beastwang crew out early next month.

Check out the track below:

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