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We premiere TVNDRA’s new feature on the latest Bass Militia compilation

Posted 13/5/20 in

Yet again at 3000, we find ourselves exploring ever further into the uncharted realms of bass music across multiple different spectrums. Lockdown has seen a tonne of producers pushed inside their home studios and to be honest, we are starting to see one of the few positives of the current global situation. 

It’s always an enjoyable thing for us to take a look at something new, which is why we took great pleasure in exploring the sounds of Bass Militia, a multi-genre label based in the South West of England, putting together a vibrant roster of artists with absolutely no limits to the sounds they are willing to explore.

This is always a good thing in our eyes. To limit yourself as a label to a singular genre is to put yourself in a box and being honest, we never know when said box is likely to go out of fashion with the public.

We got in touch with them regarding their latest compilation release, which boasts a pretty impressive line up to say the least, including the likes of Mandidextrious, Kanji Kinetic, Ali Monsta, Matt Scratch, Samurai Breaks, Teotek, KDYN and more. The impressive roster is an excellent showcase of just how much momentum the label is seemingly gathering.

As ever, we were thrilled to get involved on premiere duty, as we bring our official upload of TVNDRA’s potent submission, the VIP mix of ‘Finding You’. As an original creation, this one boasts some super punchy drum design, combining squelching, EDM style bass instrumentation with well placed vocal slices, epic, war-ready bridges and a constantly evolving soundscape to bring us a pretty useful piece of rave ammunition.

We have attached our official premiere of the track below, which you can stream via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page:


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Words: KXVU

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