We premiere the latest Ternion Sound drop on Manuka

At theethousand.co.uk, we continue to remain extremely proud of our efforts to continuously explore the full breadth of underground dance and bass music in search of bangers to discuss for you here on the site. Our quest often takes us far and wide, from the distant realms of electro house, back through all the way to the dungeounous deeps of the dubstep world, which we visit again today as we take a peek at the latest drop from Manuka, one of Manchesters most exciting label imprints to emerge over the last three years.

Headed up by Hypho and Xakra, the label has seen a steady, solid run of top quality releases since it’s inception, with the mantra seeming to be to explore the space inbetween 4×4 and dubstep, pulling together some exciting themes and incredible compositions with a truly original vibe. Today we are getting involved with premiere duty on their latest drop as they invite the Mineapolis based Ternion Sound inside to deliver a three track wash of bass heavy goodness, this time exploring a much more UKG inspired set of rhythms which we simply can’t get enough of.

Today’s premiere sees us take ‘Exploration 52’, a computerized garage hybrid, slapping together an arrangement of well thought out, techy drum leads with some purposefully distorted bassline manouvres and some groovy melodic ideas to create an absolute animal of a riddim for the dance, making us keener than ever to return to the raves as soon as possible

We feel there definitely isn’t enough priase being placed onto labels like Manuka who continue to push the boundaries of what underground music can be, with this premiere being a perfect example of that. You can check out our official upload of the track via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below:

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Words: KXVU