We premiere the latest Shadow Of Light single

As always, camp 3000 is constantly on an expansive hunt for colourful new bass music, with a pledge to cover and discuss everything within that spectrum. As said spectrum continues to grow however, we find more and more genres expanding and fusing to create exciting new sounds and we just can’t get enough. Today our journey continues as we take a look at a brand new track from an exciting new artist by the name of Shadow Of Light. On a side-note, it’s safe to say that our submissions inbox has never looked more varied or more exciting, and on that note, we want to say thank you to each and every one of you sending in music!

This Chester-based producer has been showing bags of potential over the past few months, getting involved with as many musical activities as possible, including an involvement with Kiwi Rekords’ most recent remix competition. The energy and enthusiasm we have seem from him so far is something we rate seriously highly, which is why we simply had to get involved on premiere duty for his new track ‘Running Around’.

Shadow Of Light - Runnin' Around
This track as a whole is a great representation of where newschool garage is at in the UK, as we sit back to take in some summer-driven melodies and delightful vocal work. From start to finish, this is a tune designed to put a smile on the listeners face, as uplifting harmonic structures and washed across an array of exciting, high energy drum skips and sweet bass tones, giving the track an instantious appeal, especially if the good weather decides to make another apperance.

It’s a great example of utilizing the themes and popular sounds of the time to build something that whilst remaining pretty original, is also appealing to a wide range of listeners, drawing yet more people into the garage wave which is sweeping the nation.

You can check out our official premiere of the track via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below:

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