As the expansion of underground dance music continues to explode around the world, we find ourselves constantly traversing previously unexplored avenues of sonic experience. Today, we return to the realms of house and garage, which without a shadow of a doubt has never held a higher swarm of popularity with the general public, from what we can see anyway. Today we are going to be into a look at an EP we simply couldn’t ignore as Kempston Hardwick launches his ‘Mowbray Street’ EP project with a serious bang. This one is the latest featured drop from London‘s Lobster Theremin imprint, a classy label with a real ear for picking out both the unique and inspiring.

As far as EP‘s go, it’s safe to say that this one is absolutely bristling with life from start to finish, as his unique production talents see a deep exploration into both the house and more UKG influenced side of his production, kicking off with the super colourful arrangements of a vibrant title track. The combination of skippy chord expressions and vibrant drum skips really does give the EP a kickstart, followed by the shuffling drum switches and metallic percussive pulses of ‘Channel’, which send us hurtling down a completely different avenue.

Kempston Hardwick - Have You Stopped It? [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Kempston Hardwick – Have You Stopped It? [The 3000 Network Premiere]
From here, the party really begins to pick up pace as we dive into the more breakbeat influenced arrangements of ‘Provoke Iddy’, linking up soothing, soundscape-inspired pad textures with gritty, well sampled breaks for a nostalgic experience for all to enjoy. Next, the more high tempo 4×4 themes and warbling subs of ‘Have You Stopped It’ add an additional dash of energy to the EP’s tracklisting, before finalizing the project with ‘Apologies to 25’, a sumptuous combination of acidic flavour and techy rhythms to see out this fantastic project in style.

Kempston Hardwick
Kempston Hardwick

We couldn’t resist getting involved so have premiered the fantastic ‘Have You Stopped It?’ original on the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page which you can check out below:


The full EP is now available on Bandcamp:


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