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We premiere the latest Manuka madness from Cartridge, Old Gold & Rakjay

Posted 17/9/19 in

Up in Manchester there appears to be somewhat of a reformation, as we start to see local projects boom across the UK, generating massive followings outside of the local areas. One project we have seen undergo a pretty massive expansion in fanbases is Manuka, a project set up by Hypho and Amadeo Sanchez in 2018 to showcase the tastiest, out of genre bass music on the road. 

They haven’t restricted their roster just to the Mancunian borders, however there is definitely somewhat of a bus around the locality of releases such as today’s feature, as you can feel the Synergy within the track from the off. 

For this latest edition of Manuka’s ever ready release schedule, we see a tasty link up between the shuffling styles of Cartridge and Old Gold on the production angle, who bring in the uniquely poetic vocal stylings of Manchester’s own Rakjay, ushering in a stunning there way collaboration. 

The track itself take the name ‘Uzi’ and is a very unique piece of bass production indeed. We feel a constant implementation of atmospherics and space, giving everything a floaty, breathy feel. Between the spacey textures we enjoy some very well engineered drum sounds and pulsating bass instrumentation, working in a very cool sonic balance.

These fantastic elements are then coupled with Rakjay’s conscious vocal inputs, perfectly weaved between the crunchy drumwork and shuffling rhythms of the instrumental below, giving us a real treat. 

We have attached our official 3000 Blog premiere below for you all to enjoy: 

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Words: KXVU

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