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We premiere the latest King Hydra drop, ahead of Sample Junkie Presents on In:flux

Posted 23/4/19 in

We work in an era of bass music in which we see projects rise and fall more regularly than ever. The UK sound is changing and keeping up with that change without losing your roots is without a doubt the hardest thing for any record label to do.

For us then it is safe to say that In:flux deserve ultimate praise for their recent work, being a label that has been at the cutting edge of UK bass music for what is now heading towards 8 years. Their roster has developed and adjusted with a few names getting involved for the long run.

One of those names is Sample Junkie, a producer whose name is interwoven with the history of In:flux, having been a leading member of their roster for a number of years. We are very excited therefore to see him head up a brand new artist selection release, featuring 10 spicy original creations from the likes of RRRitalin, Kanji Kinetic and a host of other heavyweight bass names.

We are here today however to bring you an exclusive premiere from the project, showcasing one of the forthcoming tracks in all its complete glory. As producers, King Hydra have been known to pack a punch and this one no different as the gnarly LFO structure and shimmering drum work of ‘Soundboy’ is let loose.

One thing is clear, Sample Junkie sure knows how to pick them!


You can check out our exclusive premiere below:

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Words: KXVU

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