The exploration of the extended underground dance music scene is something we take great pride in and also take very seriously here at The 3000 Network, making extensive efforts to cover as many different areas of the dance as we possibly can. One way we do this is by building up extended relationships and partnerships with brands from across the musical spectrum, giving us the opportunity to both stay up to date ourselves and be in a position to pass on the latest news to you, our fabulous readers. Today, we are diving back into the world of tech house as we get involved with this latest offering from the gang at House Of Hustle.

This is a label project that we are no strangers to at all, with numerous releases of theirs being featured on the site and with us always being impressed with what they are able to serve up. Following on from numerous top quality compilation drops and some fiery singles to match, we are today going to exploring this offering from their latest selection ‘Miami Hustle 2021’. The label has great form for compilation style releases and when we received this spicy new single from King Felix and CrowDerbyHo in our inbox, we quite simply had to get involved.

King Felix Feat. CrowDerbyHo - Milk And Cookies [The 3000 Network Premiere]
King Felix Feat. CrowDerbyHo – Milk And Cookies [The 3000 Network Premiere]
The track itself is exactly what we like to hear from a House Of Hustle release, with this one taking the title Milk And Cookies’. It’s a purely unapologetic acid-inspired roller, combining layer upon layer of moogy bass tones with grizzly synthesizer action and some hard hitting drum patterns to match. All of this is topped of by a super catchy vocal sample, spouting the track title in a rave-ready yet still smile-inducing manner. This one caught our ears instantly, which is why you can now catch our official 3000 Network premiere via the player below:

Download now via Beatport:


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